In the past 6 years, we reward our customer with high performance products and competitive prices. The fast growth and developed market prompt us to update the bicycle production technology, machine and raw material, only in this way, we can always satisfying the market demand.

In our over 10000 sqm professional workshop, we have the professional technicians and machine.  Strictly quality control system , professional international sales team,7x24 hours effective after sales team.

Constantly technology innovation, advanced production machine, experienced workers, one-stop workshop; health supply chain enable us to supply customer high performance bicycle. Flexible payment terms, effective communication, seasoned production experience, high quality with competitive price.

As a bicycle manufacturer,we have more than 6 years experience to produce kinds of bicycle.You and us can establish a very healthy relations of cooperation in the futher.

* High quality with competitive unit price.

* 7X14 hours service time.

* Honest and trustworthy.

* Accurate delivery time.

This is why we can grow up stronger and stronger.

Maybe you need a new supplier, we belive our factory will be your best choose,we are very confident.a great brand need a great supplier, but as a supplier we also need a great brand, because you and us need hands in hands, and grow up stronger and stonger!